History 9A, Assignment Four, Primary Sources about the Siege of Jerusalem



Assignment Four
Primary Sources About the Siege of Jerusalem

Deadline, 9/17, 80 points

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Consider the basic questions:

•   What documents are most reliable
•   What are other possible documents?
•   Do the documents agree? If not, why? 
•   What do other documents say?

The golden gate of Jerusalem



What we see when we view history is deeply connected to a wide variety of conditions and circumstances. Studying two opposing accounts of the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem in 701 A.D. from the Assyrian and the Judaic perspectives can provide a great learning experience related to this very concept.


By using primary source documents, students will identify and describe similarities and differences between the accounts of the Assyrian siege.

Students will evaluate the sources to establish points of the siege not in dispute.

Students will develop a basic understanding of how these techniques can be applied across sources.

Essential questions

What happened during Sennacherib's siege of Jerusalem?

Special instructions

See the handout. Read the source material and complete it in your groups. Share your observations.




Completion - 100%
Lesser - 4% deduction for each item



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