Social Studies 7A, Assignment Seven, Understanding the Data

Assignment Seven
Understanding the Data

Deadline, To be announced, 100 points

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How can we use data to help us better understand the lives and cultures of people?




You are going to practice drawing an idea about five countries in southern Europe by using publicly available data. Then you are going to come up with two well written questions about each nation that can direct your further inquiry.


Students will identify and evaluate conditions in five southern European nations that can be helpful in leading to creating further inquiry.

Essential questions

What can I learn about a nation from the data available?
What questions does this data present?

Special instructions

  1. Go the CIA World Factbook.
  2. Navigate to one of the nations in southern Europe. You already have the information about where southern Europe is.
  3. Complete the linked questionnaire about five nations.
  4. Save your questionnaires to your Google account.
  5. Put Mr. Robbins as an editor in the Share settings.



Each completed questionnaire is 20 points.





Printed files

Click here to view the PowerPoint about governments we used at the beginning of this unit.

Online files


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