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Assignment Four
Jefferson's Second Term and the War of 1812

160 Points, Deadline to be announced

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What key events marked Jefferson's second term?

Why did the United States declare war against Great Britain?

What were the outcomes of the War of 1812?

How do the myths and realities of the War of 1812 differ?

Siege of Fort McHenry



We are going to move a little more rapidly now as we consider the development of America's identity in the three decades after Thomas Jefferson left the White House. This was an extremely rapid time of America's growth - both geographically and conceptually.

We will also examine the factors that led to the War of 1812 and what happened during the war.


Students will identify and describe key events of this time period.

Students will create evidences of learning connected to this time period.


Special instructions

You may work in groups of up to three for this assignment. 

Use the online text - Chapters 16 and 17 - on the class web site as you work on this assignment.

Watch the documentary about the War of 1812.

Work through the questions below.




Each short answer question is worth two points.

Each short essay question is worth 10 points.

To receive a full score each response must address the context of the question with a clear, concise answer.


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Chapter 16 of the online text.

Chapter 17 of the online text.

An excellent source about the effects of the War of 1812 on Natives.

The documentary about the War of 1812.