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World History 9A, Trimester Project

Trimester Project
Teach us about someone who lived from the historic period to 1600

This is the final, big, whopping assignment in World History 9A.
240 points plus the possibility of some extra credit.

You will deliver your lesson on the day you choose.
Check the schedule in class.

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How did your person change the world?



This is the lesson you will give about the person you have chosen. The person must have lived during the time period we are studying - from pre-history to 1600. 


During this lesson students present a thorough, yet brief, lesson to the class about the person they have chosen. The rubric for the student lessons is shown below.

You will also complete an essay about the person you chose. Please refer to rubic link located in the right column for details about scoring for both the lesson and the essay.

Essential questions

  1. What are the details of their life? Include a short biography of the person you chose that includes their birth and death dates, where they lived and what is known of their youth and adult lives.
  2. What were their life’s works? Simply put, you should describe what they did that made them worth selecting for your project.
  3. How did they affect the world in which they lived. For good or bad, what made them relevant?
  4. Why do we still discuss them today?
  5. What sources did you use for your information?



Your lesson needs to include the following:

A brief biography of the person. The basics will do just fine. When did they live? What were the circumstances of their life? What made them well known? When and where did the die?

Then you need to tell us about their contribution to world history. Tell us how they shaped the world - or at least their part of it. What contributions did they make? How did they interact with those around them? Where did they devote their time and energy? Be specific here. Explain the details of these answers to us, don't just gloss over the surface.

How you deliver your lesson is entirely up to you. You may use a slide show - as most do, or you may do a video, a dramatic reading, a play, a video, a demonstration - within reason, an impression - whatever you like. The point is that you answer the essential questions in a way we can understand.

Lesson Topics and Schedule

Nov. 12

  • Zheng He, Jacob, Joseph
  • Socrates, Kierra
  • Alexander the Great, Stephen, Ian, Chase
  • Jane Seymour, Tylee, Mia

Nov. 13

  • Joan of Arc, Gracie, Emma, Eliza
  • King Tut, Sharly, Cambry, Jamie
  • Shakespeare, April, Carlos, Sydney
  • Genghis Khan, Peter, Hoyt

Nov. 14

  • Cleopatra, Brynlee, Ella, Julia
  • Caligula, McKay, Houston, Andrew
  • Henry VIII, Nathan, Matthew N.
  • Emperor Nero, Lillie


Biographical Paper and Details



See the link in the upper right corner of this page.



Printed files

Click here to view a copy of the rubric for your lesson and essay.

Media files


Online files

Here is an excellent link about general writing practices. Yes, it's a college site, but I found it very user-friendly and readable.

Sound files


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