History 8-1, Assignment Seven, Pre War and Rev. War Packet

Asignment Seven

Pre War and Rev. War Packet

Deadline, 2/03, 320 points


How did the British - American colonies build toward a separation from England?

What Revolutionary War events were especially important in the shaping of America?

George Washington Portrait



As the British presence in America began to grow conflicts arose. Conflicts between the mother country - England, and the colonies, and often between the colonists themselves. As a result the British settlers began moving and forming new kinds of governments. All the while, the colonies were overseen by charters, or permissions from the Crown, to establish and run their colonies.


Students will identify and describe the changing characteristics about the British - American colonies during this time period.

Students will identify and describe the key events and people of this time period.

Special instructions

You will probably find yourself using some work from your earlier assignments and their web pages as you work on your packet.

Be sure to use a separate sheet of paper for your the writing portion of this assignment.


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This is an excellent source.

This one is smaller, but it's a pretty good source too.

Here are the links to the videos in the series about the Revolutionary War. We used the first one in class.