Social Studies 7B, Packet Two, China

Packet Two

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What are some ways China's history has impacted the modern world?

How did China become a world manufacturing power?

How is China's expansionism affecting neighboring nations, global trade, and Africa?






This packet will include several parts, and I will list them as we go along.

  1. The note sheet about modern China.



Students will identify and explain the significance of the Pacific Rim nations of eastern Asia in the region, and world.

Essential questions

  1. How do the five themes of geography apply in the nations of the Pacific Rim in eastern Asia?
  2. How do the lifestyles in those nations compare to other nations?
  3. How does geology affect the nations in the Pacific rims of eastern Asia?






Printed files

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Online files - click on the links below to access the files we will use for this lesson.

The World Book article about China.

The Geography Now! video about China.

National Geographic article about the history of the Silk Road.

Maps of China

Information Links

Terra Cotta Warriors

Terra Cotta Warriors 2

Great Wall of China 1

Great Wall of China 2