History 8-1, Assignment Seven, After Yorktown

Assignment Seven
A New Nation

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How could we create a new nation?


after the revolution​  


In many ways, the most difficult battle of the Revolutionary War occurred after the shooting stopped. No one was sure what the new nation should look like, how it should be powered, or even what the money should be.

It's important to remember there was no nation model from Europe for the people to study in order to even form approximate ideas about the structure of the new government. Yes. People agreed they wanted a democracy - of some kind, and everyone wanted to block the power of the Congress to pass the kinds of taxes they had seen under English rule. Beyond that, the ideas were vague and difficult to follow.


Students will identify and describe the conditions of America under the Articles of Confederation and how those conditions led to calls for a stronger national government.

Special instructions

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Articles of Confederation




Are answers complete, accurate, and contextual?
8 points per question possible

Is the essay answer accurate, thorough without being overly verbose, and provided in context?
15 points possible


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