History 9A, Assignment Six, An Overview of Rome

Assignment Six
The Rise of Christianity and the Fall of Rome

160 points, Deadline 10/11

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What were the great periods of Roman change?

How did Rome become what it became?

What made in vulnerable?

What are some ways Rome shaped the modern world?



Again, there is no way we can cover all of Roman history. Yet, the influence of Rome on our modern world is too great to ignore. For our study of Rome, we are going to focus on a few key events in its history. 


We will identify and explain the major periods in the growth, maintenance, and collapse of Rome.

We will identify and explain key factors related to the infusion of Christianity into the Roman Empire.

We will identify and explain the influence of Rome on western society and Europe in the years after its fall.



For this assignment you will write an essay of about 600 to 750 words that addresses one of the topics listed below.

Your essay needs to answer one of the question below with several well-written examples supporting a thesis statement and wrapped up by a clear conclusion.

Your essay needs to include a title page, and a separate page for citations.

Your essay needs to include at least two properly formatted citations and page numbers.

MLA formatting rules apply.

Essay Topics - or select another with approval

  1. In what ways did the Roman subsumption of Greek culture influence it?
  2. How did Roman control of shipping and overland transportation support the enormity of the empire?
  3. What factors led to the supremacy of Rome? How did they maintain that supremacy for so long? How did their military support the empire?
  4. Why did Rome split into eastern and western empires? What were the results of the split?
  5. How did Rome move from hating Christianity to embracing it? What were the results of that change?
  6. How did the Edict of Milan show the changes in the Empire? How did Constantine's actions against Licinius bring the Empire into a pro-Christian position?
  7. How did Constantine's vision of the Cross at Milvian Bridge affect the Christianization of Rome? How was that vision important to later Christians?
  8. What was the legacy of Constantine? How did his life and actions shape our world?
  9. How did the Romans use the technology of their neighbors to advance their society?
  10. How did the legacy of Rome shape Europe?


Topics, First Hour

  • Jayce, 2
  • Jacob L., 10
  • Jacob O., 2
  • Colton, 8
  • Nathan, 8
  • Logan, 4
  • Kayzin, 5
  • Geoffrey, 10
  • Taylor, 6
  • Caroline, 5
  • Crissy, 3
  • James, 3
  • Gracie, 4
  • Rubi, 5
  • Mason, 4
  • Grant, 6

Topics, Fifth Hour

  • Natalie, 4
  • Marissa, 5
  • Tommy, 3
  • Neil, 9
  • Douglas, 9
  • Morgan, 2
  • Phen, 1
  • Marcel, 4
  • Darcy, 5
  • Sean, 6
  • Max, 6
  • Brock, 10
  • Hyrum, 10
  • Camden, 3
  • Britton, 7
  • Olivia, 7



See the part of this rubric that relates to written work.



Printed files


Media files

Click here to see the Roman timeline we used in class.

Online files

Here is the video about some examples of Roman engineering.

Click here to view the Rick Steves video overview of Rome that we viewed in class.

Click here to view the video about the death of Ignatius.

Click here for the textbook chapter about Rome and Christianity. Focus on pages 153-169.

Click here for the Google doc quick overview of Roman history from the Pax Romana to the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Pax Romana - or Roman peace - was a period of about 200 years when Rome enjoyed peace and prosperity. To learn more about it, click here.

1, 2, 3

Rome conquered Greece - and became captivated by it. Click here.

1, 2, 3

To view a good timeline of the Christianization of Rome, click here.

Constantine's vision of the Cross at Milvian Bridge.
1, 2, 3, 4

The split of the Roman Empire into east and west.
1, 2, 3

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