Teacher Skills, Working with Power Point

Working with Power Point

Working with Power Point

Working with PowerPointHere

Essential questions for this activity:  

How can I create simple and effective Power Point presentations?

How can I avoid conflicts with fonts and photos in my presentations?  

End product for this activity:

Your are going to create two Power Point presentations that meet the criteria for the assignment.

To download a copy of the Power Point rubric, click here. You may also view it at the bottom of this page.


To get started you need to complete the two steps listed below.

One >> Copy the list below and paste it on to one PowerPoint slide. Format it to be simple and look very good. Then duplicate the slide three times.


Any form of rock is exposed on the surface of the earth.


Exposed rock is subject to forces like wind, rain, and freezing.


The sediments that form from these actions are often carried to other places by the wind, running water, and gravity.  As they travel they lose energy and settle to earth’s surface.


Lithification is the changing of sediments into rock. There are two processes involved in this change. They are compaction and cementation.

Two >> Save the files below to your H Drive.

The video file  here

The audio file


Here is an easy way to download a video from youtube:

  1. Find video
  2. Copy URL
  3. Go to keepvid.com
  4. Enter URL at top of screen.
  5. Hit the download button right beside the bar at the top of the screen.
  6. Follow the instructions.


image of the words step one >> Instructions here


  • You will create a Power Point presentation that teaches your viewers about the topic of your choice. It will be evaluated by a class member according to the criteria on the assignment rubric.


Here is the sample PowerPoint about Mark Twain. It is from the Seneca Valley School District.

Here is the sample PowerPoint with internal hyperlinks about Thomas Jefferson. Here


These are files to help you as you create this portfolio.

Here's a handy link for tips about how to make your PowerPoints work better.

Here is the presentation about PowerPoint examples we used in class.


Check your work against the rubric. Here

gray line

Image of the words step two >> Instructions here

Check your skills!

Can you perform the following functions?

  • Change font characteristics  here
  • Insert a text box
  • Insert art, movies, and sound here
  • Insert internal, external hyperlinks
  • Use the navigation panel


If hyperlinks are still driving you crazy, ask for help.

Consider using themes!


Have a class member check your work and keep the rubric handy. Consider the extra credit. here

gray line


Rubric for Power Point Presentation, Computer Skills, Mr. Robbins

Student Name __________________________________________ Class Period _________________






Content is accurate

All content throughout the presentation is accurate. There are no factual errors.

Most of the content is accurate, but there is one piece of information that is not.

The content is generally accurate, but one piece is clearly inaccurate.

Content is typically confusing and contains more than one factual error.

Spelling and grammar are correct

No errors.

1 -2  misspellings, no grammatical errors.

1-2 grammatical errors, no misspellings.

More than 2 grammatical and / or spelling errors.

Font selection is carefully planned and enhances readability

Font formats are carefully planned to enhance readability and content.

Font formats are carefully planned to enhance readability.

Font formatting complements copy, but is difficult to read.

Font formatting makes it difficult to read the presentation.

Graphics are attractive and support the content

All graphics are attractive and support the content.

A few graphics are not attractive, but support the content.

All graphics are attractive, but some seem to not support the content.

Several graphics are not attractive and do not support the content.

Slide show contains at least three slides with progressing copy

Yes or no.

Presentation contains at least two internal hyperlinks and one external hyperlink


One link is missing.

Two links are missing.

0 – links are absent.

Extra Credit

Presentation includes at least one externally created sound file

Yes or no

4 points

Presentation includes at least one externally created video file

Yes or no

4 points here

Timing allows the show to be used independently

Yes or no

4 points

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