World History 9A, Assignment Two, The Middle Ages

Assignments Two and Three
The Middle Ages

Deadline, Sept. 3, 125 points

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What were the elements of daily life in Europe during the Middle Ages?

What major shifts moved through the western world from 1054 to 1271?


The keep at Porchester Castle

The keep at Porchester Castle, England


There is no way we can cover all of the Middle Ages, but we can look at some of the significant events that changed the world forever afterward. For this lesson we will look at the break between the eastern and western churches, life under feudalism, the Norman Conquest of England, and the Crusades. That's a lot to cover, but we will  move quickly.


Students will identify key vocabulary words and descriptions of the changes listed in the description.

Students will evaluate the effects of one of the topics listed above.

OK, How do you do that?

Assignment Two - Finish the crossword. Use the reading packet. Pay attention in class as we discuss the crossword vocabulary.

Assignment Three - Select a significant event or person from this time period. The crossword is very handy. So is the list below. Create a media presentation that explains the following:

  1. How did they affect their world?
  2. A brief biography.
  3. What motivated them?
  4. How did the world change because of them?

Your media presentation needs to be electronically avaiable to other students. You will send me the file or link.

Media need to be in a form I can link or post on the site. You may work in a group of up to three people.


To be posted soon.


Topic Ideas

  • King John
  • King Richard I
  • Any of the Crusades
  • Pope Urban II
  • Saladin
  • Peter the Hermit
  • Venice -during the Crusades
  • Bishop Odo
  • Edward the Confessor


Jace, Peter the Hermit

April, Sydney, Saladin

Brynlee, Andrew, Julia, Movie

Jacob, Matt, Joseph, Urban II

Gracie, Eliza, Godfrey

Josh, Saladin

Cambry, Sharly, Urban II

Emily, Emma, Mia, Joan of Arc (Link coming) This presentation did not deal with the specified time for this assignment. I included it anyway.

Hoyt, Edward the Confessor

Peter, Manorialism

Nathan, Matthew, Urban II

Tylee, The Black Death This presentation did not deal with the specified time for this assignment. I included it anyway.

Stephen, Ian, The Fourth Crusade

Gabriella, Mckay, Houston, King John

Emma, Emily, King John











Printed files

Crossword Puzzle

Here is a link to the PDF handout that accompanies this assignment.

Media files

Medieval power structure

A super quick timeline from the Great Schism to the printing press.

Click here to view the PowerPoint we used at the start of this unit.

Here is a pretty good list of medieval vocabulary.


Online Files

Important people of the Middle Ages. This is a good overivew

Explanation of the First Crusade

Peter the Hermit

The Norman Kings of England

Venice during the Crusades

A list of the monarchs of England

1, 2, 3


Sound files